About Us

We are business consultants who empower people to become better and more effective leaders. Human Capital is the greatest investment that an organization can devote resources to. People are the embodiment that reflects the values and vision of an organization’s leadership.

About The Team

Husband and Wife team Pat and Bob Hedley have been helping to nurture organizations and people for over 25 years. With strong knowledge and skill sets built from their vast experience in the Educational and Business sectors – Pat and Bob are a powerhouse team that have helped to transform upwards of 20 companies and organizations.

Our Mission

We are a dynamic, integrity rich incorporation that believes shaping a business’s future starts with shaping strong leadership and high performers. Our people centric approach is why we have successfully served so many different organizations, educational institutes and individuals – creating structure and cultivating positive change.


At Hedley and Associates, we believe that through integrity, transparency and ethical leadership – investing in people will make an organization succeed.
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Transparency


People are the backbone of any business and the equity we place in them is key to creating a long lasting symbiotic relationship. We believe that building through education, strategy and sound methodology – we generate power in organizations and individuals to achieve their goals.