We cover a range of services which are all customized to you, your organization and your goals. Every organization and situation is unique and must be treated as such. At Hedley and Associates we provide expert knowledge backed by years of experience to be able to understand the diversities and challenges of your organization.


Identify Your Talent – Executive and Leader Identification Development

Having the right leadership is critical. We will identify who are your star players in your company by conducting an Exectutive and High Performance Assessment and then align that with a plan for the future through ‘Successions Planning’.

Build Your Talent – Strategic Talent Management

We can create a strategy that will propel the people of your organization towards business goals to become more effective individually and as a team.

C Suite and Executive Consulting

With C Suite Consulting, we assist Presidents, Chiefs of Human Resource, Chief Learning Officers, Senior Academic Leaders and Lead Board Directors in understanding Top Tier Strategy, Succession Planning, Executive Compensation and Employment Engagement.

Individual Career Coaching

The path to your career can be constantly evolving. We provide clarity through coaching consultations.

Higher Education

Faculty Leadership Training, Development and Consulting – Traditional and Blended

Teaching teachers and faculty in how to develop as leaders and execute their skills. Academic Leaders and Presidents strategize and plan for improvements in quality of education and optimization of the learning experience for students and faculty.

Program Design and Consulting

We have been a part of creating award winning educational programs: educational program review, designs/redesigns, accreditation. Our distinction in educational program design is backed by award winning experience such as the Learning Exchange Network (LENS) program.

Sports – Hockey Elite Coach and Player Development

Assessing talent for potential and current capability – Development Coaching and Career Coaching

Assessing organizational readiness to scout and identify talent – strategies to improve results