At Hedley and Associates – our credentials are backed by our vast experience, whose impact has been felt most by the people we have been able to help grow.

Coaching Talented People Jim,

“There is no way that I can ever repay you for your encouragement, guidance and support…without which I couldn’t have done it!

Many, many Thanks!!”

Developing Young Talent – Designing a Corporate University Tania,

“Direct Personal Leadership DPL2 was an amazing learning opportunity that I truly believe will have lasting influence on how I relate to people both on a business and personal level. Thank you for making a very valuable experience possible”.

Public Speaking and Engaging Career Development Angie,

“Thank you for your presentation on career success and leadership that you delivered on September 21st at Upper Canada College. The feedback received from the Old Boys in attendance was fantastic. Your time and effort was much appreciated”.

Working with Executives Michael,

“Thanks again for the lunch the other day. It was another time to welcome us and give us all the opportunity to talk. It’s appreciated!”

Coaching – Developing Young Talent Paul,

“Just a little something from “sales operations”. On a more personal note, I would like to wish you much success. I am going to miss our spontaneous chats and advice. You will be glad to know that I did take one piece of advice away from you – I have finally decided to do my MBA. Thanks!

Take care and good luck”.

Working on Boards of Directors Sandra,

“What a great experience it has been to work with you on the Sport Ontario Board of Directors! Your arrival on the scene has contributed greatly to the revitalization of Sport Ontario. I am just so impressed with your commitment to a task, your extensive knowledge and your skills re working with people so effectively. I feel that I have gained a great deal both personally and professionally.

Very best wishes!”

Public Speaking on Career Development Manager Executive Group Corporate Affairs and Professional Development,

“On behalf of the Office of the Comptroller General, I would like to thank you for taking the time to address our employees on Career Management within the Corporation of the City of Toronto.

I have received numerous complimentary remarks about the quality of the whole session. Your input on the Human Resources Strategy in your organization served to underscore both the common ground and the differences between our two levels of government.

I found it particularly interesting to hear about the changing population mix in Toronto and the response that a representative government must provide. This is a dimension that we at the federal level are beginning to address.

Once again, thank you for your participation”.

Working with Executives and Achievement STEVE, PITNEY BOWES CANADA LTD.

“Congratulations on being awarded the Commemorative Medal of Canada.

I was very impressed to learn about your years of volunteer service with Sport Ontario, Coaching Association of Canada and your commitment to the community. The Commemorative Medal is truly a great honour, one which only “extraordinary” Canadians’ receive. Bob, you are an extraordinary Canadian.

I believe that volunteers are the back bone of our communities. With dedicated leaders like you, I am confident that more people will get involved and realize the rewards of volunteer service”.

Working with Executives and Building Executive Development Programs MICHAEL,

“This is a celebration of an enormous contribution. The impact you have had on the entire organization through the activities of this Academy – all designed with your signature – is profound. Along the way, you’ve been an architect, a participant, a student, a teacher and above all, a friend. We’ll miss you in this role, but obviously I’ll look forward to visiting with you in the pubs of Britain!

Congratulations on your accomplishments at the Academy.

Enjoy the Celebration!”


Public Speaking on Organizational Development DANNY, ELM ALLIANCE

“On behalf of ELM Alliance we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping set ELM Alliance’s future. Those that did attend the June planning meeting quickly realized that you indeed did your homework and researched who ELM Alliance is. You made everyone feel comfortable and gave everyone opportunity to express their input.

I know that when someone asks me if they know of a great facilitator you will certainly come to mind first, and if I ever need a facilitator I will certainly be asking for your services again.


Danny Provincial Chairperson”



“I am writing to draw your attention to the excellent work Bob Hedley has done for the Coaching Association of Canada in the revision of the National Coaching Association Certification Program (NCCP) Theory Program.

The NCCP is one of the largest adult education programs in Canada with approximately 27,000 coaches participating in it each year. For the past eight months, Bob has been part of a six-member committee that has reviewed and written materials designed teaching methods, and piloted courses to update this very significant program. Bob’s contribution has been of the highest quality.

Yet what I feel to be even more impressive is the team building that has occurred within the committee, and this is a direct tribute to Bob’s demonstrated ability to work with people. As you are well aware, each region in Canada carries sincere beliefs as to what direction certain programs should take….the NCCP is no exception. Bob has been able to positively challenge committee members about their material as well as accept similar comments in a non-defensive manner. These traits have greatly assisted the group in its development towards a cohesive and productive unit and has made my task as committee chairman considerably more rewarding.

I have been working with the NCCP for six years and can say that the lines of communication being formed among the Coaching Association of Canada, the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Coordinators, and the Master Course Conductors have never been so positive. This can be directly attributed to the members of the committee and their work in the various provinces.

I would sincerely like to thank you for whatever support you have been able to provide Bob in the past eight months. Clearly, the ultimate rewards of Bob’s commitment will be received by the coaches and athletes in this country as the revised Theory Program is being implemented.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Robinson”


“Bob will be representing Canada in Singapore. As you may realize, Bob has been selected to lead the Course Conductor Training in Singapore as a result of Singapore deciding to adopt the National Coaching Certification Program. Bob is particularly well suited to this task since he has had vast experience, not only in teaching a range of NCCP courses, but also because he is a valued member of the Theory Advisory Committee which has spent the last year and half engaged in the revision of all three levels of the National Coaching Certification Program Theory Component. In this work he has made an outstanding contribution, for which we are most grateful.

I am very pleased that we are able, from time to time, to utilize the services of such men as Bob Hedley, not only because this is excellent propaganda for Canadian Sport development and developers in the international field, but also because it provides us with some small opportunity to reward the effort and commitment that has been demonstrated by Bob and his colleagues”.

Coaching and Developing Young Talent TODD, SPORT ONTARIO

“Bob… I am really in a great place professionally. I am really enjoying the challenges of working at a broker and being in and around sales and working with clients (CPG companies). Currently I am managing the XXX business (National Client Manager) which is pretty exciting as they just bought the xxxxx business in November… lots of fun challenges as we take on this added portfolio. Most of my focus has been on managing though Customer Managers (Head Office sales team) but I just had the opportunity to put together a dedicated retail team for xxx, which reports into me, so learning even more about the retail sales (in-store) side of the business. Having lots of fun, feeling very engaged and able to do this with a good work/life balance (something that is a challenge working on the CPG manufacturing side).

Take Care,


Working in the Canadian Arctic with Aboriginal Peoples JAN,

“I have read the course evaluations from your course work in Iqaluit. The evaluations/comments are extremely positive and were an enjoyable read. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and myself, thank you for being such good ambassadors of the province and the program”.


Developing a Transparent and Productive Board Through the Chair Role SHAMEEN,

“I want to thank you Bob our chair for taking on the leadership challenge agreeing to chair a diverse and somewhat dysfunctional group. In only a few months we’ve become much more candid and developed a respect for what each member of the board brings to the table. Consequently, we are now making progress on some very difficult problems facing this organization.

Thank you”.